Explosive Impact Strategy

Explosive Impact Strategy

1. Regularly update your advertisements. The prospect may grow weary of hearing the same announcement over. According to statistics, customers typically see the same advertisement seven times before making a purchase. Simply alter them just enough to prevent overexposure. For instance, you may later update your announcement from “FREE Killer MarketingE-book!” to “FREE Sizzling MarketingE-book!” 

2. Reduce the likelihood of bad word-of-mouth advertising. There will always be visitors who are not happy. Try your best to win their approval. You might provide them a rebate, discount, freebie, pasteboard, refund, compliment, etc. If they are upset or frustrated with your company, just be courteous and maintain your composure. 

Explosive Impact

3. Establish a deadline for placing orders. Let people know that if they place an order by April 15, 2020, they will receive a discount or free extras. This will create a sense of urgency, encouraging them to buy right away. Another example: “Order by 8:00 p.m. US/EST and receive a substitute product of your choice absolutely free!” Here are Explosive Impact Strategy book 📖 👇👇👇

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