10 Most Common Distractions That Kill Productivity

10 Most Common Distractions That Kill Productivity

Where does the time go? People talk about twinkles passing like hours so why is not that the case when you are working? Why is that analogy turned upside down where the hours fly by like twinkles? Could it be that unseen aliens are thrashing with the cosmic timepiece ever?

With everyone you know complaining that there is not enough time in the day, maybe it’s not such an fantastic possibility! One of the most frustrating effects for busy people is that there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done. You wake up beforehand full of hardihood and vigor, looking forward to a busy and productive day.

You put in the hours, work diligently, and try to get through your precisely plan schedule as efficiently as you can. But before you know it, the day’s over. You are mentally and physically exhausted and yet, you’ve only got half of the effects on your to- do list done.

What are you doing wrong? Do you need to manage your time better? Are you cataloguing your day unrealistically? Should you multitask or delegate further? More importantly, why do you feel that your work( that you do manage to get done) just is n’t over to par?

The short answer is that you are not doing anything wrong- at least not designedly. The problem frequently lies in one word distractions. And that word needs to exclude from your vocabulary!

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